Zac Efron Jokes His Ego Was Bruised Filming ‘Iron Claw’ in a Speedo: ‘This Is Magic Mike!’

Zac Efron reflects on his experience filming the wrestling movie “The Iron Claw” and reveals that his biggest injury was to his ego. During a press conference, Efron joked about the moment he had to enter the wrestling arena in a Speedo and felt overwhelmed by the crowd and lights. The film follows the rise and fall of the Von Erich family, a dynasty of wrestlers. Despite the skimpy outfits, Efron gained a newfound respect for the athleticism involved in professional wrestling. In addition, Efron expresses his devastation over the loss of his former co-star Matthew Perry and hints at the possibility of playing Perry in a future biopic. “The Iron Claw” is set to release on December 22.

Zac Efron Reflects on “The Iron Claw” Experience

Zac Efron recently shared his reflections on his experience filming “The Iron Claw.” The 36-year-old actor, known for his roles in various films, including “17 Again,” opened up about the challenges he faced during the making of the movie.

Ego Injury

During a press conference following the premiere of the film, Efron humorously revealed that the most significant injury he sustained while preparing for his role as pro wrestler Kevin Von Erich was to his ego. He recalled the moment when he had to enter the Sportatorium in Kevin’s full costume, which consisted of a Speedo or trunks. With a massive crowd and bright lights surrounding him, Efron couldn’t help but question how he ended up in that situation. However, he managed to find humor in the moment, comparing it to his previous role in “Magic Mike.”

Entering the Sportatorium

Entering the Sportatorium for the first time was a surreal experience for Efron. The actor described feeling frozen in time, contemplating the choices that led him to that moment. The overwhelming atmosphere and the realization of the challenges ahead made him question his path. Nevertheless, Efron embraced the opportunity and gave his all to portray the character of Kevin Von Erich.

Cast’s Injuries and Reactions

While filming “The Iron Claw,” the cast members had their fair share of challenges and injuries. Each actor had a unique experience during the intense wrestling sequences, but they all managed to overcome the obstacles and deliver remarkable performances.

Jeremy Allen White’s Experience

Jeremy Allen White, who portrayed Kerry in the film, shared his experience of shooting the wrestling scenes. Despite the physically demanding nature of the sequences, White considered himself fortunate to have escaped any catastrophic injuries. He admitted to waking up feeling a little sore and having a few bruises, but overall, he managed to stay safe and give his best performance. White credited the presence of excellent stunt coordinators on set and the safe environment created by director Sean Durkin for ensuring the well-being of the cast.

Stanley Simons’ Experience

Stanley Simons, who played the role of Mike, also reflected on his experience during the filming of “The Iron Claw.” Simons expressed gratitude for the meticulous preparation and the presence of skilled stunt coordinators, which made him feel secure while performing the wrestling moves. He emphasized that the injuries he sustained were minimal and only occurred because he felt confident and safe in executing the choreography. Simons praised the environment created by Durkin, which allowed the cast to push their limits and deliver authentic performances.

Harris Dickinson’s Experience

Harris Dickinson, who portrayed David in the film, shared a lighthearted anecdote about his most dramatic injury, which occurred off-set. He humorously revealed that he accidentally bit his tongue at a barbecue restaurant, causing a momentary discomfort. Despite this minor mishap, Dickinson managed to navigate the physically demanding wrestling sequences without any significant injuries. He acknowledged the weeks of training and the guidance of the film’s consultant and stunt wrestling coordinator, Chavo Guerrero, for helping the cast become comfortable with the challenging aspects of professional wrestling.

Kevin Von Erich’s Presence and Appreciation

The presence of Kevin Von Erich, the legendary pro wrestler and the only remaining member of the Von Erich brothers, added a special touch to the filming of “The Iron Claw.” During a press conference, Von Erich expressed his admiration for the cast’s dedication and the effort they put into learning the intricacies of professional wrestling. He commended the film’s consultant and stunt wrestling coordinator, Chavo Guerrero, for his exceptional guidance and pushing the cast to excel. Von Erich’s words of appreciation served as a testament to the hard work and commitment displayed by the actors.

Shoutout to Chavo Guerrero

Kevin Von Erich specifically acknowledged Chavo Guerrero for his outstanding contribution to the film. Guerrero, a renowned professional wrestler himself, played a crucial role in preparing the cast for their wrestling sequences. Von Erich praised Guerrero’s expertise and the way he pushed the actors to their limits, ensuring they were fully prepared for the physically demanding aspects of their roles. The cast members expressed their gratitude for Guerrero’s guidance, acknowledging that his presence and support made a significant difference in their performances.

Surprise and Respect for Professional Wrestling

For Zac Efron, filming “The Iron Claw” provided a newfound appreciation for the world of professional wrestling. Efron expressed his surprise at the level of athleticism and commitment required in the sport. He recognized the agonizing torture and pure athleticism that professional wrestlers endure for the sake of their craft. This realization deepened Efron’s respect for the athletes and their dedication to their craft. The experience of portraying a pro wrestler allowed Efron to witness firsthand the physical and mental challenges that come with the profession, leaving him with a profound admiration for those involved in the sport.

Zac Efron’s Tribute to Matthew Perry

Zac Efron recently paid tribute to his former co-star, Matthew Perry, during the premiere of “The Iron Claw.” Efron expressed his devastation over the loss of Perry and reminisced about their time working together on the film “17 Again.” He spoke fondly of Perry, describing him as a mentor and someone he looked up to. Efron credited Perry for teaching him comedic timing and acknowledged the impact Perry had on his own career. The loss of Perry was deeply felt by Efron, and he expressed his gratitude for the lessons learned and the memories shared.

Devastation and Mentorship

When news of Matthew Perry’s passing reached Zac Efron, he was devastated. Efron spoke about the profound impact Perry had on his life and career, particularly during their time working together on the film “17 Again.” Efron considered Perry not only a co-star but also a mentor. He admired Perry’s comedic timing and learned valuable lessons from him. Efron expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to work alongside Perry and the mentorship he received, which played a significant role in shaping his own acting abilities.

Potential Biopic Role

During the premiere of “The Iron Claw,” Zac Efron hinted at the possibility of portraying Matthew Perry in a future biopic. Efron expressed his honor at the thought of stepping into Perry’s shoes and bringing his story to life on the big screen. While nothing was confirmed, Efron’s admiration for Perry and the impact he had on his own career made the idea of portraying him in a biopic all the more appealing. Efron’s statement sparked curiosity and anticipation among fans, who eagerly await any updates on the potential project.

The Iron Claw Release Date

Fans of wrestling and captivating family sagas can mark their calendars for the highly anticipated release of “The Iron Claw.” The film, which chronicles the rise and fall of the Von Erich family, is set to hit theaters on December 22nd. Audiences can expect to be immersed in a gripping story that spans decades, showcasing the impact the Von Erichs had on the world of professional wrestling from the 1960s to the present day.

With its release just around the corner, “The Iron Claw” promises to deliver a thrilling cinematic experience. Wrestling enthusiasts and moviegoers alike can look forward to witnessing the incredible performances of the cast, who bring the compelling story to life. The film’s release date is a moment of excitement and anticipation for fans, who eagerly await the opportunity to delve into the captivating world of the Von Erich family and their enduring legacy in the world of professional wrestling.

In conclusion, Zac Efron reflects on the biggest injury he sustained while filming The Iron Claw, which was his ego. He recalls the moment of entering the wrestling arena in a skimpy costume and feeling overwhelmed by the crowd and lights. The film tracks the rise and fall of the Von Erich family, a wrestling dynasty. The rest of the cast experienced minor injuries during filming, but overall felt safe due to the preparation and coordination on set. Efron gained a newfound respect for the athleticism involved in professional wrestling. Additionally, he expresses his devastation over the loss of his 17 Again co-star Matthew Perry and his admiration for him. Overall, The Iron Claw provides a glimpse into the world of wrestling and the physical and emotional challenges faced by its performers.

Ultimately, The Iron Claw offers a compelling exploration of the wrestling world and the sacrifices made by its performers. Zac Efron’s reflection on his ego injury adds a touch of humor to the story, while also highlighting the vulnerability and self-doubt experienced by actors. The film’s focus on the Von Erich family and their impact on the sport adds depth and historical context. Through its portrayal of the physical demands of wrestling and the camaraderie among the cast, The Iron Claw offers a unique perspective on the world of professional wrestling.

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