What is ‘Moye Moye’ meme? The meaning of the viral phrase explored as it becomes emotion-expressing for Indian cricket fans

Lately, after the defeat of India against Australia in the World Cup 2023 Final “Moye Moye” memes have taken over Instagram. ‘Moye Moye,’ though many of us don’t know what it means, appears to be a Serbian song that has become very popular on several social media platforms.

The song “Moye Moye” first appeared on TikTok, when a specific portion of it was posted. This is where the song got its start and saw a huge spike in popularity on Instagram. In just few days, the craze quickly extended to YouTube clips and Instagram reels. However, let us confirm for you, that the correct pronunciation of “Moye Moye” is “Moye More.”

Everyone’s attention has been drawn to the captivating rhythm and rhyme of “Moye Moye,” which is repeated frequently. Some find enjoyment in it, while others make fun of the music for becoming stuck in their minds. On Instagram, it has been a hot topic for the past few days, especially after India’s defeat in the world cup final.

People might not know the meaning of the song but they know how to make amazing relatable reels and memes on them. “More” is a synonym for “nightmare” in Serbian. The song’s melody and lyrics convey a depressing sense of longing for a better future during hardship and the misery of unmet expectations.

The song explores the artist’s struggle with recurrent nightmares, which have left her feeling hopeless and isolated. There is a need for someone to understand, sympathize, reassure, and comfort despite these obstacles.

Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma in tears after defeat against Australia in the Cricket World Cup final

After the defeat of India during the ICC 2023 Cricket World Cup, people started connecting the outcome to this meme. As it means losing your dream or having something unfulfilled, the memes are hitting fans, and well the pain is still there. The memes are funny but painfully relatable which brings us back to the terrible defeat team India faced against Australia.

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