Victor Chang Kids: Meet Daughter Vanessa And Son Matthew & Marcus Chang

After the fatal shooting, Victor Chang kids and wife took the leadership of the surgeon’s foundation for the cause of building a world without heart disease.

Victor Chang was a Chinese-born Australian surgeon who significantly contributed to modern heart and heart-lung transplantation.

Chang’s family was forced to move several times due to the Second Sino-Japanese War & later, his interest in medicine was sparked by the death of his mother from breast cancer.

The surgeon graduated with medical science and surgery degrees, changing medicine forever.

But, after his murder, Victor Chang kids, especially his daughter Vanessa, continued work related to his foundation.

So, who are Victor Chang kids, who led his good doings after their father? Let’s delve into the family and legacy of the late cardiac surgeon.

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Victor Chang Kids: Meet Vanessa, Matthew & Marcus Chang

Victor Chang, the renowned heart surgeon and pioneer of modern heart transplant surgery, was a loving father to three children: Vanessa, Matthew, and Marcus.

He grew up in Hong Kong and later moved to Sydney, Australia, where he met his wife, Ann Simmons.

The couple had three children who continue to honor their father’s legacy in various ways.

Vanessa Chang, the eldest of Victor Chang kids, is the CEO of the Victor Chang Foundation, established in 1994 to continue her father’s legacy in searching for a heart disease cure.

She has been instrumental in carrying forward her father’s vision and has played a significant role in the foundation’s efforts to raise funds for heart disease research.

The lady has been the face of her father’s foundation, but information about her personal life has remained scarce.

Victor Chang Kids
Victor Chang’s daughter and her brothers have run their father’s foundation for years. (Source: Getty)

Regarding the late Surgeron’s sons, Matthew and Marcus Chang have maintained relatively low profiles.

And following their low-profile lives, info about them and their relations is limited to public media.

However, they were mentioned in a 2005 news article when they met Crown Princess Mary of Denmark at the Victor Chang Royal Ball in Sydney.

Despite their low public profile, they continue to honor their father’s memory in their ways.

Altogether, Victor Chang kids and family continue to honor his memory and work towards his vision of a world without heart disease.

His wife and children have played a crucial role in carrying forward his legacy, contributing to the ongoing efforts of the Victor Chang Foundation.

Who is Victor Chang wife?

Ann Simmons, an English-born nurse, played a significant role in the life of the renowned Australian cardiac surgeon Victor Chang.

The couple met in 1966 when Chang was the on-call emergency physician at St. Anthony’s Hospital in North Cheam, London.

Their love story led to marriage, and they had three children: Vanessa, Matthew, and Marcus.

Victor Chang Kids
Dr Victor Chang with her beloved English wife, Ann Simmons. (Source: Pinterest)

Simmons supported Chang’s career and accompanied him to the United States, where he trained at the Mayo Clinic.

The late surgeon’s colleagues described her as a “lovely lady” who was “very devoted” to her husband and his work.

Moreover, we discovered that his wife was also involved in charitable causes such as the Victor Chang Foundation, established by him in 1986.

After Victor’s tragic death in 1991, she continued to honor his legacy and support the foundation.

Family Background of Victor Chang

The Australian cardiac surgeon and pioneer of modern heart transplantation was born in Shanghai on November 21, 1936, to Australian-born Chinese-British parents.

His father, Aubrey Chang, was a partner in a thermos-flask factory in China, and his mother, May Lee, was a nurse.

The family moved several times during Victor’s childhood due to the outbreak of the Second Sino-Japanese War and the subsequent civil war in China.

Victor Chang Kids
Victor Chang’s mother’s death due to cancer was the reason he became a doctor. (Source: Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute)

In 1948, Victor’s mother passed away from breast cancer, which sparked his interest in medicine.

He later studied medicine at the University of Sydney, receiving a bachelor’s degree in medical science in 1961 and a bachelor’s degree in medicine and surgery in 1963.

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