Two people sustain suspected stab wounds in St Albans stabbing near college

Two people sustain suspected stab wounds in St Albans stabbing near college: Two people have been wounded in a suspected stabbing incident near a college in St Albans. The incident, which took place recently, has left the community shocked and concerned. Authorities are currently investigating the attack to determine the motive and bring those responsible to justice.

Multiple injuries reported in suspected stabbings

Multiple injuries reported in suspected stabbings

On October 9th, Herts Police received a distressing call about a disturbance near Oaklands College in St Albans. It was later confirmed that two individuals had sustained suspected stab wounds. Emergency services, including armed police, the police helicopter, and an air ambulance, were swiftly dispatched to the scene to provide assistance.

The exact details of the incident are still under investigation, but witnesses have reported that two college pupils were stabbed. Although this information has not yet been confirmed by official sources, CCTV footage from a nearby business captured an individual brandishing a machete near the scene. This evidence suggests that there may be validity to the witness accounts.

The news of multiple injuries in what appears to be a stabbing incident has left the local community deeply concerned. Oaklands College is known for its dedication to providing a safe learning environment for its students and staff. The college administration released a statement expressing their commitment to prioritizing the safety and security of everyone associated with the institution.

Key Points:

  • Herts Police received reports of a disturbance near Oaklands College.
  • Two individuals were found with suspected stab wounds.
  • CCTV footage captured an individual carrying a machete near the scene.
  • Oaklands College is fully cooperating with the police investigation and prioritizing safety measures.

Safety Concerns:

The incident raises concerns about safety in and around educational institutions. Parents and students alike will be seeking reassurance that necessary security measures are in place to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future. It is essential for colleges and schools to work closely with law enforcement agencies to develop comprehensive security protocols that ensure student welfare remains paramount.

Additionally, incidents like these highlight the importance of heightened vigilance within the community. It is crucial for witnesses to come forward with any information they might have to aid the police investigation. By working together, law enforcement and the local community can help ensure a swift resolution and a safer environment for everyone.

Police Investigation:

The Herts Police authorities are urging anyone who may have witnessed the incident or has information that could assist in their investigation to come forward. They have provided various channels through which individuals can report information, including online reporting, web chat with an operator, or contacting the non-emergency number 101.

Cooperation from the public is vital in solving this case and bringing those responsible to justice. Any piece of information, no matter how insignificant it may seem, could potentially be instrumental in uncovering key details about the incident.

2. Multiple injuries reported in suspected stabbings

Multiple injuries have been reported following a suspected stabbing incident near Oaklands College in St Albans. Herts Police received a call at 3.41pm yesterday (October 9) regarding a disturbance outside the college campus on Hatfield Road. Upon arrival, officers discovered that two individuals had sustained suspected stab wounds. Emergency services, including armed police, the police helicopter, and an air ambulance, were dispatched to the scene to provide immediate assistance.

Response from Emergency Services

The swift response from the emergency services ensured that prompt medical attention was provided to the injured parties. The exact number of individuals injured in the incident has not been confirmed, but it is known that multiple people have suffered injuries as a result of this alarming event.

Investigation by Herts Police

Herts Police have launched an investigation into the incident to determine the circumstances surrounding these violent attacks. They are currently gathering evidence and statements from witnesses in order to establish a clearer picture of what transpired during this unfortunate event.

3. Armed police, police helicopter, and air ambulance dispatched to scene

In response to reports of a disturbance outside Oaklands College, Herts Police swiftly deployed armed officers, a police helicopter, and an air ambulance to the scene. These resources were necessary due to the seriousness of the situation and indicated the urgent need for medical assistance and support for potential victims.

During such incidents where public safety may be compromised, it is standard procedure for law enforcement agencies to take every precautionary measure possible. The presence of armed police ensured that any potential threat could be quickly neutralized in order to protect both students and staff at Oaklands College.

The air ambulance was crucial in providing immediate medical aid while also facilitating quick transportation of injured individuals to nearby hospitals equipped with specialized trauma units. Additionally, the police helicopter aided in monitoring the situation from above, enabling a comprehensive overview of the scene and assisting in identifying potential suspects or witnesses.

4. Witnesses report two college pupils stabbed

Eyewitnesses at the scene have reported that two pupils from Oaklands College were stabbed during the incident. While these reports have yet to be officially confirmed by authorities, they provide crucial accounts that can aid in understanding the sequence of events leading up to and during the attack.

The testimonies of witnesses play a vital role in investigations as they contribute firsthand information about what they saw and experienced. Law enforcement agencies will thoroughly analyze these statements and cross-reference them with available evidence, such as CCTV footage and forensic analysis, to build an accurate timeline of events and identify any potential motives behind this act of violence.

It is important for individuals who were present during the incident or may have relevant information to come forward and assist Herts Police in their ongoing investigation.

5. CCTV footage shows man with machete near scene

CCTV footage captured near the scene of the incident at Oaklands College has revealed a man wielding a machete. The footage, obtained from a nearby business, shows the suspect carrying the weapon in close proximity to the college campus. This new information has raised concerns about the severity of the incident and has prompted authorities to heighten their efforts in identifying and apprehending the individual responsible.

Increased Security Measures Implemented

In light of this development, Oaklands College has taken immediate action to enhance security measures on campus. The safety and well-being of students and staff members remain their top priority, and they are working closely with law enforcement agencies to ensure comprehensive protection. Additional security personnel have been deployed throughout the premises to provide reassurance and maintain a safe learning environment for all.

Call for Vigilance

Herts Police are urging members of the public who may have witnessed any suspicious activity or have information related to this incident to come forward. This includes anyone who may have seen the individual captured on CCTV or has any knowledge that could assist in their investigation. Authorities have provided contact details for reporting information, which can be found at the end of this article.

6. Oaklands College releases statement on incident

Oaklands College has issued an official statement regarding yesterday’s incident outside their St Albans campus. The college expressed deep concern over what they referred to as a “serious incident” near their premises that resulted in injuries to two individuals.

Elevated Emergency Response Support

The statement highlighted that emergency services were promptly called upon as soon as reports of a disturbance were received by Herts Police. Armed officers, alongside the police helicopter and an air ambulance, were swiftly dispatched to the scene to ensure the victims received immediate medical attention.

Collaborative Efforts with Authorities

Oaklands College reassured their students and staff that they are working closely with law enforcement agencies to aid in the ongoing investigation. The college expressed full cooperation and emphasized that they are committed to assisting authorities in any way possible to bring the responsible party to justice and prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

Campus as Central Space for Emergency Services

The statement acknowledged that their campus had served as a central space for emergency services during this incident. Oaklands College expressed gratitude towards the efforts of the responders and emphasized their commitment to maintaining a safe environment for learning and personal development.

7. Oaklands College open as usual following incident

Despite the unfortunate incident that occurred outside its premises, Oaklands College has confirmed that it is operating normally today. The college remains dedicated to providing uninterrupted educational services to its students while ensuring their safety is not compromised.

Reassurance through Increased Security Presence

In response to yesterday’s events, Oaklands College has deployed additional security personnel throughout its campus. This increased presence aims to offer reassurance and foster a sense of safety among students and staff members. The college administration strongly believes that fostering an environment conducive to learning requires proactive measures towards enhancing security.

Facilities Available as Usual

All facilities within Oaklands College, including classrooms, laboratories, and support services, continue functioning according to regular schedules. Students can expect no disruption or changes in their educational programs, ensuring continuity in their academic pursuits during these challenging times.

8. Oaklands College prioritizes safety and security of students and staff

The safety and security of students and staff members at Oaklands College are of paramount importance. The recent incident has deeply underscored the need for enhanced measures to ensure their well-being within the college premises.

Comprehensive Security Review

Oaklands College is conducting a thorough review of its existing security protocols in light of this unfortunate event. This examination aims to identify any potential vulnerabilities and implement effective preventive measures accordingly. The college administration remains committed to providing a safe learning environment for all.

Collaboration with Law Enforcement

The college is working collaboratively with law enforcement agencies, actively supporting their investigation into the incident. By sharing any relevant information and resources, Oaklands College intends to assist authorities in their efforts to apprehend those responsible and prevent future occurrences.

Counselling and Support Services Available

In recognition of the emotional impact incidents like these can have on students and staff, Oaklands College has made counseling services readily available. Trained professionals are on hand to provide support, ensuring that everyone affected by the incident receives the necessary assistance during this challenging time.

9. Herts Police urge witnesses to come forward with information on incident

Herts Police are appealing to anyone who witnessed or may have information related to yesterday’s incident near Oaklands College to step forward and assist in their ongoing investigation. Authorities believe these eyewitness accounts could be crucial in identifying and apprehending individuals involved in the disturbance.

Anonymity Assured for Witnesses

Herts Police emphasizes that witness protection is a priority, assuring anonymity for those who fear potential repercussions for coming forward. This measure aims to encourage individuals with information about the incident to provide valuable evidence that can aid law enforcement agencies in their pursuit of justice.

Importance of Community Cooperation

The success of the investigation heavily relies on the collaboration of the local community. Herts Police encourages residents and Oaklands College students alike to support their efforts by reporting any relevant information or suspicious activities they may have observed before, during, or after the incident.

Contact Details for Reporting

  • Report online: Visit to submit information electronically.
  • Force Communications Room: Engage in a web chat via to speak with an operator in the Force Communications Room.
  • Non-emergency number: Call 101 to provide details over the phone. When doing so, please quote ISR 584 (09/10/23) to help authorities efficiently direct and handle your report.

10. Contact details provided by Herts Police for reporting information on incident

Herts Police has outlined various contact methods through which individuals can provide valuable information regarding yesterday’s incident near Oaklands College. Authorities urge anyone with knowledge related to the disturbance or individuals involved to come forward promptly.

Online Reporting

Herts Police has established an online reporting system accessible at By filling out a form on this website, witnesses can provide comprehensive details about what they observed during the incident, aiding investigators in their search for answers.

Web Chat with Operators

To engage directly with an operator from the Force Communications Room, visit and utilize the web chat feature. This allows witnesses to communicate their observations and share any pertinent information anonymously if preferred.

Telephone Reporting

If individuals would rather convey their knowledge over the phone, they can call 101, Hertfordshire Constabulary’s non-emergency number. It is crucial to quote ISR 584 (09/10/23) during the call to ensure efficient processing of the report.

In the recent incident near a college in St Albans, two individuals were injured in what appears to be a stabbing. The motive behind this attack remains unclear at this time. Law enforcement agencies are actively investigating the case and urge anyone with information to come forward. Ensuring the safety of students and residents is of utmost importance, and steps will be taken to prevent such incidents in the future.

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