This Queue For An Auto In Thane Is A Traffic Nightmare

Navratri Celebrations in Thane Cause Traffic Jams and Long Queues for Commuters

The fervor of Navratri celebrations has taken over the streets of Thane, with festive lights and Garba night hostings at every corner. However, along with the festivities comes the inconvenience of traffic jams and long queues for commuters. A viral video on Reddit shows over 100 people patiently waiting in line for shared rickshaws outside Thane station. The extent of the traffic is such that even online ride-hailing services like Ola, Uber, and Rapido are mostly unavailable. While shared autos are time-consuming, they remain the most reliable and cost-effective option for navigating Thane’s busy traffic. This video serves as a testimony to the bustling lifestyle that Thane has adopted, influenced by its neighboring city of dreams, Mumbai.

Navratri Traffic Jams in Thane

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Thane, a city known for its vibrant Navratri celebrations, has been experiencing an increase in traffic jams during this festive season. The streets are adorned with colorful lights, and Garba nights are held at every corner, creating a lively atmosphere. However, along with the festivities comes the inconvenience of long queues for shared auto rickshaws. A viral video on Reddit shows over 100 people patiently waiting for their turn to get an auto rickshaw outside Thane station, leaving social media users astonished.

Video of Long Queue for Auto Rickshaws

The video that has gone viral captures the essence of the traffic situation in Thane during Navratri. Commuters can be seen standing in a long queue, eagerly waiting for their chance to board a shared auto rickshaw. The visuals depict the sheer number of people relying on this mode of transportation, highlighting the popularity of shared autos in Thane. Despite the limited capacity of these rickshaws, with only three seats available, some daring drivers even manage to accommodate four passengers, defying traffic norms.

Impact of Navratri Celebrations on Traffic

The fervor of Navratri celebrations has undeniably brought joy and excitement to the city of Thane. However, it has also resulted in hectic traffic jams. The influx of people attending Garba nights and other festivities has contributed to the congestion on the roads. The long queues for shared autos are a common sight during peak hours, causing inconvenience to commuters. The video serves as a testimony to the impact of Navratri celebrations on the traffic situation in Thane.

Reasons for Not Using Online Ride Services

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One might wonder why people in Thane do not opt for online ride services like Ola, Uber, or Rapido to avoid the hassle of waiting in queues. The answer lies in the extent of traffic congestion during Navratri. The demand for online rides often exceeds the availability, leaving commuters with limited options. Even if one manages to secure a ride, the waiting time remains the same. Moreover, there is a risk of last-minute cancellations by online cab, auto, or bike drivers, leaving passengers stranded. In such a scenario, local rickshaw drivers who are familiar with the city’s ins and outs become the most reliable option for reaching one’s destination.

Benefits of Shared Autos

Shared autos in Thane offer several advantages to commuters, making them a popular choice despite the traffic congestion during Navratri. These benefits include affordability, convenience, and familiarity with the city’s routes.

Time-Consuming but Effective and Cheap

Although shared autos may take longer due to the queues and traffic, they are still considered an effective and economical mode of transportation. The low fares make them an attractive option for budget-conscious individuals. Additionally, shared autos provide a sense of community as passengers share the ride, creating a unique social experience.

Capacity and Norms of Shared Autos

Shared autos in Thane have a limited capacity, typically accommodating three passengers at a time. However, some experienced drivers may bend the rules and allow four passengers, maximizing the utilization of the vehicle. While this may seem like a violation of traffic norms, it is a common practice in Thane’s busy traffic life. The drivers’ familiarity with the city’s roads enables them to navigate through the congestion efficiently, ensuring a smooth and timely journey for passengers.

Residents’ Ordeal and Reactions

The long queues for shared autos during Navratri in Thane have caused frustration and inconvenience for the residents. Many individuals have shared their personal experiences and reactions to this challenging situation.

Personal Experiences and Frustrations

Residents of Thane have expressed their frustration with the long queues for shared autos during Navratri. Some have shared their personal experiences of waiting for hours to get a rickshaw, only to realize that it would take even longer. To avoid this inconvenience, some have resorted to walking long distances to reach their destinations. The ordeal of dealing with crowded buses and autos during this festive season has left many feeling exasperated.

Debate on Festivals and Inconvenience


The viral video of the long queue for shared autos has sparked a debate about the impact of festivals on daily life and the inconvenience caused to commuters. While festivals like Navratri are an integral part of our culture and provide an opportunity for people to come together and celebrate, some argue that the inconvenience faced by commuters should also be taken into consideration. There is a need to strike a balance between celebrating festivals and ensuring the smooth functioning of daily life.

Navratri celebrations in Thane have led to increased traffic jams, as seen in a viral video showing long queues of people waiting for shared rickshaws. The festive fervor has caused congestion on the streets, making it difficult for commuters to find online rides through platforms like Ola, Uber, or Rapido. Shared autos remain a popular and reliable option in Thane’s busy traffic, despite being time-consuming. The video has sparked a debate about the hectic lifestyle in Thane, influenced by its neighboring city, Mumbai. While some residents expressed frustration, others praised the patience of those waiting in queues. Let’s hope for smoother traffic flow in the future. Thank you for reading!

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