Mom dates her son’s high school bully and wants him to accept their relationship

The story of a mother dating her son’s high school bully who is her kid’s age, and demanding that he accept their relationship, has left TikTok users infuriated.

Like Reddit, many internet users have also begun sharing the tales of drama in their family and relationships on TikTok. A recent story sees a son breaking all contact with his mom for two years when he learns that she is dating his high-school bully.

Mother teaches her son a lesson
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The OP reveals that his dad passed away when he was just 1. Since then, he and his mom have been very close. When he became a sophomore in high school, his mom took a part-time job as the school’s gym teacher. The OP reveals that she checked with him before starting the job to make sure he was comfortable with it. He agreed it was a good idea, but became uncomfortable when his classmates began making comments about his mom’s appearance.

He says that it also “gave ammo (ammunition)” to his bully Brad who had been after him for a while. The OP notes how his mother began going out too much when he became a high-school senior. She even missed his birthday because she spent the whole night away. He let it go for six months before finally confronting her, but the mother’s reply was that she also had her own life to live.

The OP got a sense that his mother had been ignoring him for some reason, and he found out why she was acting strange one night.

His mom told him that she wanted him to meet her new boyfriend. She had apparently invited this guy to have dinner with them. When the doorbell rang, the OP was taken aback to see his high-school bully Brad standing on the other side. The bully apologized to the OP for how he treated him in high school. He also confessed that he was a changed person now and that he really cared about the OP’s mother.

However, the OP was not in the mood to tolerate any of this. He yelled at his mom saying, “You tossed me aside for this piece of sh*t. You are a pathetic excuse of a mother.” Unfortunately, despite her son’s displeasure, the OP’s mom said that Brad was here to stay and that, if her son was unhappy, he was welcome to leave.

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The OP chose the latter and left to stay with his grandmother. His mother tried reaching out to him several times in the past two years but the OP had completely blocked her. Then, after two years of radio silence between them, one day he accepted her offer to meet up for lunch.

When he arrived at the restaurant he unsurprisingly saw Brad waiting there along with his mother. As soon as they sat down, the OP’s mother began showering him with questions about his life and education. He shut her down, asking what she wanted from him. She then explained everything about how she and Brad had started dating.

She revealed that they had never communicated with each other when Brad was still in high school. She also told him that it was Brad who approached her at a bar and that she had not recognized him at first. The two got to talking, exchanged numbers, and began hanging out. She also explained how she was very lonely at the time.

She says that she kept their romance a secret from her son because she thought it would be a “short and casual relationship.” When things got serious, Brad revealed that he had bullied her son in high school. The heartbroken mother instantly blocked her young lover but he begged her to take him back, promising he was a changed person now. The next day she invited him to have dinner with her son.

She then told her son how much she had missed him over the last two years. Brad finally spoke up and said “She misses you like crazy dude. She still needs you in her life.” The couple then made a crazy proposition to the OP.

His mother revealed that they were moving to California and wanted the OP to come with them. She said they wanted to foot the bill for his education and wanted to be a family together. The OP began laughing hysterically and thought it was the “most ridiculous proposition.”

He called his mother “delusional” and said the only acknowledgment she would ever get from him is him “pissing on her grave” when she’s dead. His mom began crying hysterically and the OP left. When he reached the parking lot, Brad followed and grabbed his collar, the OP turned around and sucker-punched him in the face.

Most TikTok users have spoken in the son’s favor. Some even thought that Brad had gotten together with the OP’s mother on purpose.

“Yeah no he definitely got with her on purpose there is no way he didn’t,” said one user.

“So she groomed a kid the same age as her son who bullied him while ignoring her son even on his birthday? She deserved this tbh lmao,” said a second person.

“Good for you! She was OUTRAGEOUSLY selfish,” said a third person,

One user even thought that the mother was pregnant with Brad’s kid. “How much u want to bet she’s pregnant, don’t go dude unless she’s dying,” they wrote.

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