Mohbad’s Wife, Son, and Parents Appear in Court for the Coroner’s Inquest (Video)


VIDEO: MohBad’s Mother, Father, Family Members Arrive Court For Coroner’s Inquest Parents of the late singer, Ilerioluwa Aloba aka MohBad, on Wednesday, arrived at the Lagos State High Court Ikorodu, Lagos State for the coroner’s inquest sitting, concerning the singer’s death. A viral video shows the moment the singer’s mother, partner, son, and other family members arrived at the court. Another video shows MohBad’s father arriving at the court for the sitting. The singer died on September 12 at the age of 27. #mohbad #ripmohbad #justiceformohbad

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Mohbad’s Mysterious Death: Unveiling the Truth in a Coroner’s Inquest

The unexpected and suspicious death of Nigerian singer Mohbad has left his family seeking answers. In a coroner’s inquest, his parents, wife, child, and other relatives have appeared to shed light on his life and the events leading up to his passing. This legal process aims to uncover the truth behind his demise, and as the proceedings unfold, the mystery surrounding Mohbad’s untimely death may finally be revealed.

MohBad’s Coroner’s Inquest: Seeking Answers to His Untimely Demise

The sudden and suspicious death of Nigerian singer MohBad in September 2023 has left his family in search of answers. To unravel the mystery surrounding his untimely demise, a coroner’s inquest has been initiated. This legal process aims to shed light on the events leading up to his passing and provide closure to his grieving loved ones. Through this inquest, the truth behind MohBad’s death may finally be revealed, bringing solace to his family and fans alike.

MohBad’s Family Arrives at Court for Coroner’s Inquest

In their quest for justice, MohBad’s family members, including his father, mother, wife, and child, have made their presence known at the coroner’s inquest. Their appearance signifies their determination to uncover the truth and gain a deeper understanding of the circumstances surrounding MohBad’s unexpected departure. As they face questioning from the coroner and their legal representatives, the family members hold the key to unraveling the mystery behind MohBad’s untimely demise.


The passing of MohBad has left his family devastated, yearning for closure. As they mourn the loss of their beloved son, father, and husband, they are resolute in their pursuit of the truth. The coroner’s inquest serves as a platform for them to gather information and gain insight into the events that led to this tragic event. It is a crucial step towards finding answers and finding peace amidst their grief.

Purpose of the Coroner’s Inquest

The primary objective of the coroner’s inquest is to determine the cause and manner of MohBad’s death. This meticulous process involves the collection of evidence, examination of witnesses, and analysis of available documentation. By conducting a thorough investigation, the authorities aim to provide a comprehensive and accurate account of the events surrounding MohBad’s passing. The ultimate goal is to bring closure to his family and ensure justice is served.

Family Testimonies

In a display of courage, the family members of MohBad have stepped forward to testify before the coroner’s inquest. Their testimonies hold immense significance in piecing together the puzzle of MohBad’s life and the circumstances leading up to his death. Through their personal experiences, memories, and any relevant information, they aim to contribute to the investigation. The coroner and the family’s legal representatives will carefully examine their testimonies, hoping to uncover the truth and provide answers to the lingering questions.

Expectations and Proceedings

The coroner’s inquest is expected to span several days, ensuring a thorough examination of the case. Throughout the proceedings, the family members will remain present, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to seeking justice for MohBad. They may face rigorous questioning from the coroner and the legal representatives involved, further aiding in the search for answers. As the inquest progresses, the truth behind MohBad’s untimely demise may gradually come to light, offering solace to his grieving family and fans.

Video Link

For those interested in following the developments of the coroner’s inquest, a video link has been provided. By accessing the link, you can gain a deeper understanding of the proceedings and stay informed about the investigation into MohBad’s untimely death. Click here to watch the video and stay updated on this ongoing investigation.

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The family of Nigerian singer MohBad has appeared before a coroner’s inquest to shed light on his untimely death in September 2023. The inquest aims to uncover the truth behind the singer’s passing and gather crucial information from his father, mother, wife, and child. The proceedings are expected to last several days, providing an opportunity for the family to seek justice and closure. To stay updated on the investigation, a video link has been provided. Thank you for your interest in this article.

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