LeAnn Rimes Reacts Famous Scene from ‘Coyote Ugly’: “Do We Serve Water in this Bar…?’

LeAnn Rimes, the singer and actress known for her role in the movie Coyote Ugly, recently shared a video of herself reenacting a scene from the film. In the video, Rimes is behind the bar at Coyote Ugly Piccadilly in London when someone asks for water. Rimes responds in character, shouting, “Hell no, H2O!” and playfully sprays a drink at the camera. She captioned the video with a reference to the movie and shared it alongside her song from the film’s soundtrack. Rimes is currently in the UK and will be performing at the O2 in London in May. She has been sharing updates and appearances on various shows, including a podcast and radio interviews.

LeAnn Rimes Reenacts Coyote Ugly Scene

LeAnn Rimes, the talented singer and actress, recently took a trip down memory lane by reenacting a scene from the iconic movie Coyote Ugly. In the film, Rimes made a cameo appearance as herself, and now she’s bringing back the nostalgia. Standing behind the bar at Coyote Ugly Piccadilly in London, Rimes playfully recreated a memorable moment.

Video of Reenactment

Rimes shared a video of her reenactment on social media, and it’s clear that she had a blast. As someone behind the camera asked for a water, Rimes channeled her character and shouted to the bar, “Hey Lil, do we serve water in this bar?” The entire bar responded with a resounding “Hell no, H2O!” Rimes couldn’t help but smile as she playfully sprayed a drink at the camera, capturing the spirit of the film.

Caption and Song Reference

In her caption, Rimes playfully referenced the scene, writing, “Do we serve water in this bar…? if you know, you know… ❌ 💦” She also included the hashtags #hellnoh20, #coyoteugly, and #cantfightthemoonlight. To add an extra touch of nostalgia, she played the video alongside her hit song from the Coyote Ugly soundtrack, “Can’t Fight The Moonlight.” It’s clear that Rimes holds a special place in her heart for the film and wanted to share that with her fans.

Background on Coyote Ugly Scene

The Coyote Ugly scene that LeAnn Rimes reenacted holds a special place in the hearts of fans of the iconic movie. Released in 2000, Coyote Ugly tells the story of a young woman named Violet Sanford who moves to New York City to pursue her dreams of becoming a songwriter. Along the way, she finds herself working at a rowdy bar called Coyote Ugly, where the female bartenders entertain the crowd with their energetic dance routines.

Scene Description

In the scene that Rimes reenacted, the character Lil, played by Maria Bello, is asked if the bar serves water. Lil responds with a witty remark, stating that the only water they serve has barley and hops in it, implying that it’s beer. This humorous exchange sets the tone for the lively atmosphere of Coyote Ugly, where drinks flow and inhibitions are left at the door.

Character Dialogue

The dialogue between Lil and the customers at the bar is a memorable moment in the film. Lil shouts to the crowd, asking if they serve water in the bar, to which the enthusiastic patrons respond with a resounding “Hell no, H2O!” This playful interaction showcases the camaraderie and spirited nature of the bar’s atmosphere, where everyone is there to have a good time and let loose.

LeAnn Rimes’ Current Activities

LeAnn Rimes, the multi-talented artist, is keeping busy with various exciting endeavors. From upcoming performances to engaging with her fans on social media, Rimes is making waves in the entertainment industry.

Upcoming Performance in London

Rimes recently announced that she will be performing at the prestigious O2 in London on May 8th, 2024. This one-night-only event is a celebration of her nearly thirty years in the music industry, and she is thrilled to be reuniting with her UK fans. Rimes expressed her excitement in an Instagram caption, inviting her followers to join her for an unforgettable evening filled with music and cherished memories.

Other Social Media Updates

In addition to her upcoming performance, Rimes has been actively sharing updates and engaging with her fans on social media. She recently posted a video on her Instagram story, showcasing a conversation near a bar featuring a “Coyote Ugly” light. Rimes also displayed her dancing skills as she watched a group of talented ladies perform a dance routine on the bar, all while the iconic song “Footloose” played in the background.

Rimes has been making appearances on various shows to share her latest updates. She appeared on Welsh presenter Gabby Logan’s podcast, as well as Virgin Radio UK’s The Chris Evans Breakfast Show and ITV’s This Morning. Her infectious energy and genuine enthusiasm have captivated audiences, making her a sought-after guest in the media.

With each social media post and public appearance, Rimes continues to connect with her fans, sharing her passion for music and entertaining them with her undeniable talent. Her dedication to her craft and her genuine interactions with her audience make her a beloved figure in the industry.

LeAnn Rimes recently delighted fans by reenacting a scene from the iconic movie Coyote Ugly. In a video shared on social media, Rimes can be seen behind the bar at Coyote Ugly Piccadilly in London, playfully refusing to serve water and spraying a drink at the camera. The video, accompanied by her hit song from the film’s soundtrack, “Can’t Fight The Moonlight,” brought back nostalgic memories for fans. Rimes also announced her upcoming performance at the O2 in London, inviting her UK fans to join her for a night of music and memories. With her infectious energy and love for performing, Rimes continues to captivate audiences around the world.


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