Kristyn Lia Obituary-Death; IFBB Pro Women’s Physique Bodybuilder Kristyn Lia Passes Away At 39.

The unfortunate news that top women’s physique competitor Kristyn Lia has passed away at the age of 39 has recently reached the bodybuilding community. Aj.kellyrobert first posted the details on Instagram on December 13, 2023; her cause of death is still unknown.

Kristyn Lia, who relocated to the US from Australia, was keen to establish herself as a prominent IFBB Pro League Women’s Physique competitor. After placing first in her category at the NPC Worldwide Australia Season A Pro Qualifier, she rapidly made a name for herself and was granted an IFBB Pro card in 2021.

Lia’s competitive nature, together with her physical attributes and training, made her a divisional mainstay, making her loss even more difficult for her global fan base to absorb. She competed in major events including the New York Pro, Pittsburgh Pro, and Atlanta Pro.

The unexpected loss surprised bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts who saw regular contest appearances. The precise time and reason of her death have not yet been disclosed to the public as of this writing. But given that Lia was only 39 years old, many admirers are interested in learning what might have led to Lia’s passing.

During her last interview prior to her demise, the Australian native talked about some of the difficulties she faced while preparing for her bodybuilding competition. She specifically disclosed that the combination of diuretics and sexual activity prior to a competition may have impacted her body’s ability to absorb nutrients and water.

“Also because you know, I’ll be fully honest… the day before I had sex and then you have a diuretic or half a diuretic on top of that. You know… and you don’t have the fluid to move the food through.”

“My coach had me on all these wonderful supplements like magnesium, Vitamin C, a multi, so I was healthy because I had the calories but there, I can see in that photo that I’m struggling to keep my midsection,” Lia shared.

Regretfully, within the last three years, there has been a surge in premature deaths among the bodybuilding community. Most notably, Shawn Rhoden, the 2018 Mr. Olympia, went away at the age of 46. Cedric McMillan likewise passed away in 2022 at the age of just 44 from unidentified circumstances.

Jo Lindner, a hugely popular influencer, passed away at the age of 30 from what was believed to be an aneurysm, continuing the heartbreaking trend that began last year. A number of other bodybuilders also passed away far too soon in 2023, including Shaun “Dinosaur” Davis, Christian Figueiredo, Raechelle Chase, and Ahmo Hight.

A growing number of sportsmen are dying from steroid use, and celebrities like Kali Muscle and Seth Feroce are raising alarms about this issue.

However, it’s crucial to note that Lia’s cause of death may be unrelated to performance-enhancing drugs

In addition to her accomplishments as a competitive bodybuilder, Kristyn Lia spent more than ten years coaching athletes and providing sage guidance on nutrition, training, and recuperation. Throughout her career, she became an immediate fan favorite thanks to her distinct and deliberate posing routines, which were also well regarded.

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