Is Marlene Benitez Dead? Viral Death Hoax Leaves Fans Stunned

If you are active on social media chances are high you would have come across several posts claiming death of famous TikToker Marlene Benitez. The news of Marlene’s unexpected demise is spreading like wildfire on various social media platforms.

Here let’s dive into the story and find out what the fuss is all about. Keep on scrolling-  

According to news reports, Marlene Benitez’s tiktok account was suspended, leading to the circulation of reports about her passing away. Now, she is urging her fans to support her so that she can clarify the situation regarding her well-being.

Image Credit: @marlener3131/Instagram

Due to this unnecessary rumor, Marlene has lost millions of followers. It has been speculated that the death hoax was circulated after she mocked Veterans Day, a tradition in America dedicated to honoring those who have served in the military. Her Mockery backfired with her fans, who took her action critically for insulting martyrs who dedicated their lives to the country. After her controversial statement, netizens on started a petition to delete all her social media accounts, which resulted in ban of her Tiktok account.

Noticing so much hate, Marlene later deleted her controversial posts and apologized saying –

“I do want to apologize to all those people who have veteran relatives who served in the war, who served this country. I never did it with that intention, and the people who know me know that I didn’t do it with that intention. I’m too stupid to talk and I’m too stupid to express myself if I am ignorant for not knowing what Veterans Day is even though I live in this country.”

Image Credit: @marlener3131/Instagram

Marlene is currently active on Instagram, where she cleared the air by making a humorous joke about the entire situation.

To put all the rumors to rest, she is alive and doing well. She has come forward, announcing that everything is fine.

For those who don’t know, Marlene is a famous social media influencer with millions of followers on TikTok. With time she has garnered her fanbase generating 14 million fans on her TikTok account. She started her career in 2021 by collaborating with other famous social media influencers. 

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