Hans Greger Obituary-Death; Co-Founder Of European Ju-jitsu Federation Hans Greger Passes Away At 78.

Hans Greger, the 78-year-old honorary chairman of the Swedish Ju-Jitsu Association, passed suddenly following a protracted illness.

Hans Greger began his judo and ju-jutsu training in 1963 and 1967, respectively. In July 1970, he earned his first degree in ju-jutsu, and in 2008, Easter Camp awarded him his tenth degree. He studied karate and aikido as well. Hans Greger began training in Lidingö Ju-jutsuklubb in 1983 and Budokwai Stockholm as his primary training locations.

Hans Greger has worked on numerous ju-jutsu tasks both domestically and abroad over the years. From 1973 to 1998, he chaired the Ju-jutsu branch of the Swedish Budo Association.

The Swedish Ju-jutsu Association, which Hans Greger worked as style director of from the beginning, was chaired by him from 1991 until 2022. The Ju-jutsu Kai style was organized by the association in 1999. Since its founding in 1970, he has graded more than 2,500 new black belts and higher dan grades as a member of the national grading committee.

The International Ju-jitsu Federation was created on the foundation of the European Ju-jitsu Federation, which Hans Greger co-founded in 1977. Prince Bertil presented him with the highest award of merit from the National Sports Confederation in 1987.

May His Soul Rest In Perfect Peace

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