Hadasa Karavanibozak Arrested And Charged: Is She In Jail?

Hadasa Karavanibozak arrested and charged with a hate crime after she threw a hot coffee at a man wearing a Palestinian scarf in Brooklyn on 7 November 2023.

A woman accused of splashing hot coffee at a cop and a father wearing a Palestinian scarf and his baby kid at a Brooklyn playground surrendered to police on Tuesday, according to police.

Hadasa Karavanibozak, 48, is charged with hate crime assault, careless endangerment, and harassment in the 7 November incident at Edmonds Playground on DeKalb Ave. in Fort Greene, according to NYPD Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenny.

Read on to learn more about the incident.

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Hadasa Karavanibozak Arrested And Charged

Hadasa Karavanibozak’s arrest stemmed from a distressing incident at Edmonds Playground in Fort Greene.

The community has driven to surrender herself. The woman has now surrendered for throwing hot coffee at a man at a playground in Brooklyn.

Hadasa Karavanibozak arrested
Hadasa Karavanibozak threw a hot cup of coffee at Ashish Prashar and his son (pictured above) in the Brooklyn playground. (Image Source: New York Daily News)

Ashish Prashar is not Palestinian and is of Indian descent. Karavanibozak thought he was Muslim because of the scarf he was wearing.

The authorities released a cellphone video showing a lady who they said berated and threw hot coffee at a 40-year-old man wearing a Palestinian scarf and his young child at the playground.

Karavanibozak surrendered after her entire block on Grand Army Plaza was peppered with wanted flyers with her image.

Her accusations escalated into hate-filled remarks, labeling Prashar’s ethnicity and spewing vile statements about his background.

“‘Do you support Hamas?’” she asked. Are you aware that they are terrorists? Prashar recalled in an interview.

Prashar is of Indian descent and was raised in London. He was donning the traditional headscarf used by Palestinian men, the keffiyeh.

She said, “My people are all dogs.” “Are you aware that your people burn children?” Prashar said, “I hope someone burns your baby in an oven.”

The woman lost it when Prashar pulled out his phone to video the incident. She hurled a cup of hot coffee and her phone at them as the man picked up his son and ran toward them.

Fortunately, Prashar and his son emerged physically unharmed from this disturbing encounter.

Moreover, it’s crucial to emphasize that Karavanibozak’s actions were clearly highlighted as not representative of the wider Jewish community by Prashar himself.

Where Is Hadasa Karvanibozak Now? Is She In Jail Now?

As for Karavanibozak’s legal status following the arrest, the situation remains shrouded in uncertainty.

Hadasa Karavanibozak arrested
It is unclear if Hadasa Karavanibozak is currently in jail or has been released. (Image Source: Patch)

Her arraignment was scheduled in the Brooklyn Criminal Court, but specifics about her current incarceration status or potential release on bail have yet to surface.

Public statements from Karavanibozak post-arrest are non-existent, leaving her current whereabouts, whether in New York or back in California, undisclosed.

Regarding hate crimes in New York, the severity of the penalties is contingent upon the seriousness of the underlying offense.

New York Penal Law Section 485.051 details the criteria for hate crimes, amplifying the charges when the offense is motivated by biases against race, religion, gender, and other specified characteristics.

These crimes incur enhanced penalties, escalating the charges to a higher class of crime than the initial offense.

This incident highlights the gravity of hate crimes and the legal ramifications they carry.

The judicial process will likely navigate the complexities of this case, determining the appropriate legal actions and penalties in alignment with New York’s laws regarding hate crimes.

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