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Discover the life and legacy of Gary Latimer in Alberta, Canada, through his obituary. Gain insights into Gary Latimer’s journey and impact in Alberta. Reflect on his contributions and memories through this comprehensive obituary, honoring his presence in the community.

Beloved Alberta Farmer Gary Latimer Dies After Cancer Battle

The agricultural community of Olds, Alberta is mourning following news that esteemed local farmer Gary Latimer has passed away after fighting cancer. Latimer’s death on Saturday, December 17th, 2023 leaves family, friends and colleagues grief-stricken over the loss of this community pillar.

Latimer was best known as co-owner of Remitall Farms Inc. alongside his brother Richard, who confirmed his tragic passing in a social media post over the weekend. Richard shared that Gary had waged a valiant but brief battle against cancer prior to his death at 61 years old.

Having dedicated his career to stewarding the soil, Gary Latimer leaves an incredible legacy as a farmer focused on nurturing the earth and his community. His lasting impact stretches across Alberta – but his absence is felt most profoundly by relatives in Olds.

Gary Latimer’s Celebration of Life

To honor his bright spirit and decades of dedication to local agriculture, a ceremony celebrating Gary Latimer’s life has been scheduled for December 21st, 2023 at 1:00PM.

The memorial service will be held at the Pomeroy Inn and Suites in Olds for all friends, family members and agriculture industry colleagues whose lives were touched by Latimer over the years.

It promises to be a moving tribute to a estimable man who poured every ounce of his passion into creating a family legacy and helping feed the world – right up until cancer tragically cut his own life short.

Attendants are encouraged to share their fondest memories of Latimer while relishing the community he helped cultivate across his fruitful farming career and 61 years of life. Though gone too soon, Gary Latimer’s vibrant spirit lives on through all those mourning his passing today.

The Latimer family will provide full obituary information forthcoming as they grieve and make arrangements to honor Gary with the heartfelt goodbye he deserves. The regional agriculture community stands ready to embrace his loved ones and pay final respects to the late, great Gary Latimer.

May he rest in peace knowing his legacy will nourish the Alberta landscape and its families for generations to come thanks to a lifetime lovingly spent seeding the soil.

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