Fusa Tatsumi Obituary-Death; World’s Second Oldest Woman Passes Away aged 116.

At the age of 116, the second-oldest woman in the world passed away in a Japanese nursing facility.

Japan’s oldest person, Fusa Tatsumi, died away on Tuesday at an Osaka care home after consuming her favorite dish, bean paste jelly.

According to local broadcaster MBS, Tatsumi, who was born on April 25, 1907, raised three children in Osaka with her farmer husband Ryutaro.

‘Tatsumi died aged 116 at a care facility in Osaka on Tuesday,’ an official in Osaka’s Kashiwara city said, as tributes to the supercentenarian poured in.

‘I think she did great to get to this age,’ Tatsumi’s eldest son, Kanji, 76, told local media.

Governor of Osaka Hirofumi Yoshimura expressed his sympathies, mentioning a September celebration of Tatsumi’s lifespan that he had attended.

‘I still remember how healthy Ms Fusa Tatsumi was,’ Yoshimura said. ‘I sincerely pray for her soul.’

She was seen in a wheelchair, primarily sleeping, at her 116th birthday party in April, according to footage that local media sources showed.

Tatsumi, the fifth of six siblings, was born in Yao City, Osaka Prefecture, on April 25, 1907. She married 32-year-old Ryutaro, a farmer who raised peaches and grapes, after she graduated from college.

She gave birth to her first daughter in 1941 and her first son in 1947, two years apart. Later, her spouse passed away at the age of 55.
Tatsumi put forth a lot of effort on the family farm for over 20 years, walking up and down the steep orchard slope with baskets of fruit she had collected on her back.

Tatsumi’s longevity may have been influenced by the training her body received from this, according to her relatives.  The mother of two had a strong interest in flower arranging and chrysanthemum cultivation. However, she broke her femur—the only major injury she ever had—when she fell while gardening in her seventies. Up until the age of 106, Tatsumi was well enough to reside in her family’s house. She was cautious to maintain a healthy diet of vegetables, fish, and small amounts of meat, eating three meals a day.

According to her care facility, she would get one litre of water each day and have a cup and plastic bottle close to her bed. They also mentioned that Tatsumi, who was 110 years old, liked to talk to the workers and apply her own makeup.

In April 2022, Tatsumi passed away, making her the oldest person in Japan following the death of Kane Tanaka, who was 119 years old. Tanaka’s record as the oldest person in the world was formally recognized by Guinness World Records in April 2022.

Maria Branyas Morera, a US-born woman who will turn 117 on March 4 of next year, is the recipient of that honor today.

Tatsumi was the second-oldest woman in the world, but Edith Ceccarelli of the US now owns that title after her passing.

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