‘Fizzling Dating’ Is A New Addition To The Dating Diction, What Does It Mean?

While ending a relationship is always emotionally taxing, ‘fizzling,’ a recently developed dating term, has added another layer of difficulty. Fizzling is seen as more nonchalant than a breakup, however, it has connections to ghosting and the ultimate breakup.

It involves a slow reduction in interest, allowing the relationship to deteriorate without a straightforward, obvious resolution. The fizzling partner gradually loses interest in and affection for the other, which causes the relationship to fall apart.

To explain this scene in a better way, instead of texting, “Hey, this ain’t working out, I think we should break up” you have to start replying late, with one word, or show no interest to the partner at all. This shows a disinterest from your side, the partner takes the hint and gets out of the relationship.

Fizzling might take weeks or even months to complete. Sometimes referred to as a more subdued version of ghosting, this tactic involves the victim gradually withdrawing their attention until they come across someone else who piques their interest.

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Moe Ari Brown, Hinge’s love and connection expert, says, “Slowly phasing someone out without explaining can trigger feelings of unworthiness, confusion, and self-doubt. If you’re not feeling the connection, remember another human is being on the other side of that screen – and they deserve closure,” to The Mirror.

While the way of breaking up is pretty ‘kazual’ it is to note, it is not a very nice way to let a relationship down. Acknowledging someone’s feelings and stating what you want to state to them is very important as this provides closure to the one you’re breaking up with. Fizzling might be easy for the person trying to break up, but it might leave traumatic and emotionally distressing baggage on them.

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