Fahmed Ishaq Nanha Obituary-Death; Famous Businessman Fahmed Ishaq Passed Away In Preston.

After a brief illness, well-known and well-liked Greater Manchester businessman Fahmed Ishaq, often known as Ninha, met his actual creator in Preston. A funeral prayer was said at Preston’s Raza Mosque. Prominent figures in business include his brothers, Mon Ishaq, Naeem Kleer, Umar, and Khalid Mahmood, as well as friends Owais Chauhan, Raees Chauhan, Shabbir Sahib, Ghulam Nabi Mughal, Sohail Dar, Faisal Sohail, Saeed Naro, and Imran Naro. — Jalil Rehman Son-in-law Raja Ali In addition to the fact that many people of the community attended this event, Waqas’ friend and Chauhan Group chairman, Owais Chauhan, stated, “I had a relationship with Ustad Fahmed Ninha for thirty years, and he is a great friend today.” He was a caring individual and a wonderful friend.

May Allah make a space for him in Jannah. Fahmed Ninha’s untimely death was mourned by his uncle Saeed Naro as a significant loss for the family. In addition to being a friend of friends, Fahmed Ishaq was also a leading charitable figure in Pakistan and Britain, according to Manchester businessmen Shabir Sahib and Ghulam Nabi Mughal – Sohail Dar and Faisal Sohail.

Fahmed Ninha was a credit to our family and will always be missed, but man is powerless in the face of nature’s system, according to his brother Mon Ishaq, who immigrated from America after learning of his sickness, and his cousin Naveed Ahmad. May the Almighty elevate their status.

Because of his friendship, social work, and welfare contributions, Fahmed Ishaq Nanha held a special place in the community and will always be remembered for them.

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