Dr. Philip White Obituary-Death; Native Of Monticello, Minnesota, Has Passed Away.

Dr. Philip “Phil” White, 82, of n, died away on December 12, 2023, at Guardian Angels By The Lake Senior Living in Elk River, Minnesota, in a quiet and family-centered manner. On November 28, 1941, Phil was born in Ruthton, Minnesota, to Wilfred and Harriet White. He has a lovely existence because he loves God, his family, and Hersey’s chocolate.

Phil’s wry sense of humor and inventive style of storytelling and gaming delighted everyone in the room. He would, quite openly and unrepentantly, cheat to win any game he participated in, but he would do it with “honesty” and a smile. After graduating from Ruthton High School in 1959, he was named Homecoming King.

At the age of 22, Phil joined the Air Force and saw action in the Vietnam War. His devotion in serving his nation was evident in the Air Force uniform he regularly wore to social and family events, as well as the flag he flew with pride outside his house. He was stationed in Anchorage, Alaska, and returned to Minnesota to establish Monticello. He honorably served for 25 years, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel. Through Jon, Dory’s brother, he was introduced to the love of his life, Doreen “Dory” Geiss, of Hutchinson, Minnesota. They had two kids together after getting married in 1963.

Phil was a successful local dentist in Monticello, Minnesota for more than thirty years. His outgoing nature and enthusiasm for giving back to the community suited him well. Following in his father’s footsteps, Phil began his dental profession in Anchorage, AK, following his graduation from the University of Minnesota. He partnered with “Doc” Erlandson in 1968 and joyfully served the neighborhood until his retirement at age 59. As the president of the church council, Phil continued to remain involved in the Trinity Lutheran Church in Monticello after retiring. In addition, he served as a volunteer and member of the Monticello city council board. He loved spending time with his kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids.

On their yearly fishing trips up to Canada, Phil enjoyed going fishing with his son, Scott. He enjoyed spending time with his family, taking his daughter Jolayne to different sporting and academic activities, and looking forward to talking with his granddaughter Samantha about his service, the newest books he had read, and dental hygiene. In 2006, following 43 years of matrimony and a protracted fight with cancer, Dory was granted her celestial wings.

Phil and Olive “Ollie” were blessed with a unique second love, which led to their marriage on August 28, 2010. Ollie and Phil had a 13-year marriage filled with blessings. Along with getting to show his affection to even more family, he enjoyed traveling with her.

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