Delhi Metro: Video Of Women Doing ‘Kirtan’ Inside Public Transport Goes Viral | Watch

  • By Poorva Karki
  • Published: Wed, 22 Nov 2023 03:17 PM (IST)
  • Source:JND

Delhi Metro Viral Video: Another Delhi metro video is doing rounds on the internet and the netizens cannot keep calm. This one’s a bit different from the usual stunts and dance videos, as this time, a group of women left people confused after they were seen doing a ‘kirtan’ inside the jam-packed metro. The video instantly went viral and raised several questions about the rules and regulations by the Delhi metro authorities. Meanwhile, many also found the incident hilarious and defended the women saying that they were not harming anyone.  

The video was shared on the social media site Instagram, by the handle ‘Delhi Wale’. The post was captioned, “Best Place For Kirtan is Delhi Metro #metro#delhimetro.”

Watch the viral video:

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The video gained a mixed reaction as some found it funny and others were quick to chastise the women. Many compared the incident to other videos where people create chaos inside the metro with their dances and other stunts, while some took a ‘religious’ take on the matter. The video was shared a few days ago and received 64K views. 

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Taking to the comment section, people shared their take. “Why are people supporting Idk just because they are singing Kirtan? It is public transport and not their personal property… Everything has been made in place… Neither kiss, nor kirtan, nor prayer should be allowed,” added a user. “Playing music in the metro is prohibited,” joined a second person. “I also go to the metro, I don’t see all this,” added another. “I could gather from this reel was Jama Masjid,” added a fourth user. “Good.. long travels won’t be boring for the travelers,” added a fifth. 

“Look at the metro station name,” wrote a sixth user. “When you see station Jama masjid,” added a seventh person. 

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