Hugs, Tears, Laughter: What You Didn’t See on TV at the 2023 CMA Awards

If you missed the CMA Awards on TV, you missed out on some behind-the-scenes moments that were not captured on camera. From emotional performances to heartwarming friendships, here’s a glimpse of what happened off-screen. Brandi Johnson, wife of Cody Johnson, couldn’t hold back her tears during her husband’s performance. Jelly Roll and Zach Bryan formed a fast friendship, supporting each other throughout the night. Maddie & Tae left early to prioritize their roles as new moms. And during commercial breaks, the stars mingled and partied. Ashley McBryde showed her gratitude to the crowd through sign language. Luke Combs’ wife and Dan + Shay’s wives showed their support from the audience. Peyton Manning impressed with his country song knowledge, and Hardy and Morgan Wallen made a quick exit while Post Malone stayed to interact with fans. While Chris Stapleton won male vocalist of the year, the other nominees enjoyed each other’s company. Jordan Davis’ performance lit up the arena with cell phone lights, and Tanya Tucker had a hidden gem on stage. Finally, Jelly Roll’s acceptance speech was drowned out by the roaring crowd, but his message of perseverance and positivity resonated with the audience. Don’t miss out on the excitement and surprises that happened behind the scenes at the CMA Awards!

Behind the Scenes at the CMA Awards

Overcome: Brandi Johnson’s Emotional Moment

From her prime position in the front row, Brandi Johnson witnessed her husband, Cody Johnson, serenade her with his heartfelt love song, “The Painter.” The performance was made even more touching by the giant backdrop displaying Brandi’s image. Although she managed to maintain a composed expression during the song, the floodgates of emotion opened during the commercial break. Brandi was seen leaving her seat, tears streaming down her face, as she sought a moment of solace to collect herself. This raw display of love and vulnerability showcased the deep connection between the couple.

Fast Friends: Jelly Roll and Zach Bryan

A chance encounter turned into a blossoming friendship at the CMA Awards when Jelly Roll and Zach Bryan found themselves seated next to each other. Throughout the evening, the two country sensations were engrossed in animated conversations, nodding their heads in unison to the performances. When the category for new artist of the year was announced, they showed unwavering support for each other, with arms draped around shoulders. As Jelly Roll’s name was called, Bryan offered a firm handshake, a warm hug, and whispered words of encouragement. This unexpected camaraderie between the two artists exemplified the genuine connections that can be formed within the music industry.

Priorities: Maddie & Tae’s Balancing Act

Maddie Marlow Font and Tae Dye Kerr, known as Maddie & Tae, opened up about the challenges of juggling their careers and motherhood on the red carpet. Recognizing the importance of finding a balance, they made a conscious decision to prioritize their families. True to their words, the duo discreetly left the awards show early, shortly after witnessing the Brothers Osborne win their category. With their husbands by their side, they headed home to be present for their young children. This display of commitment to their families highlighted the values that Maddie & Tae hold dear.

Meet and Greet: Socializing During Commercial Breaks

While the audience at home was treated to captivating performances and acceptance speeches, the stars took advantage of the commercial breaks to let loose and mingle. Post Malone engaged in lively conversations with Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman, while Paula Abdul found a moment to chat with Zac Brown. Shay Mooney took the opportunity to introduce himself to comedian Nate Bargatze, and The War and Treaty received a warm handshake from Cole Swindell after their fiery performance. The camaraderie and genuine connections formed during these brief intermissions added an extra layer of excitement to the evening.

A Good Sign: Ashley McBryde’s Gesture

Ashley McBryde, nominated for CMA female artist of the year, has been dedicating her spare time to learning American sign language. After her performance of “Light on in the Kitchen,” she incorporated a familiar and poignant gesture into her act. Although the cameras failed to capture it due to the stage lighting, those in the arena witnessed McBryde signing “thank you” to the crowd. This thoughtful gesture showcased McBryde’s commitment to inclusivity and her desire to connect with her fans on a deeper level.

Spousal Support: Luke Combs and Dan + Shay’s Wives

While the spotlight shone on Luke Combs and Dan + Shay during their respective performances, their wives stood by their side, offering unwavering support. Luke Combs’ wife, Nicole, remained standing throughout his entire performance, displaying her pride and admiration. Similarly, Dan Smyers’ wife, Abby, and Shay Mooney’s wife, Hannah, formed their own duo in the audience, enthusiastically singing along and pumping their arms in the air to every word of Dan + Shay’s hit song, “Save Me the Trouble.” These moments of spousal support highlighted the strong bonds and love shared between these couples.

Cheat Sheet: Peyton Manning’s Teleprompter

During the opening dialogue, Luke Bryan tested co-host Peyton Manning’s knowledge of country songs. While Manning flawlessly recited the lyrics to “The Gambler” and “Friends in Low Places,” keen-eyed viewers may have noticed that the lyrics were conveniently displayed on a nearby teleprompter. However, Manning’s unwavering gaze and focus on Luke Bryan demonstrated his commitment to delivering an authentic and engaging performance. This behind-the-scenes glimpse into the production of the show showcased the meticulous attention to detail that goes into creating a seamless live broadcast.

Fan Favorite: Post Malone’s Interaction with Fans

After their electrifying performance of Joe Diffie’s country classics, “John Deere Green” and “Pickup Man,” HARDY and Morgan Wallen made a

In conclusion, the CMA Awards provided many memorable moments that were not seen on TV. From emotional performances to heartwarming interactions between artists, the event showcased the personal side of country music. It was evident that family and support were top priorities for many of the artists, as they balanced their careers with their roles as parents. The camaraderie and friendships among the artists were also evident during the show, with moments of laughter and connection during commercial breaks. The audience was treated to surprises, such as Ashley McBryde signing “thank you” in American Sign Language and the presence of Charlie McCoy, a Country Music Hall of Fame member, during Tanya Tucker’s performance. The night ended with a powerful acceptance speech from Jelly Roll, reminding everyone to keep going and that success is within reach. Overall, the CMA Awards showcased the talent, passion, and unity within the country music community.

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