Central Cee’s viral hit stirs personal life speculations

In the spotlight recently is Central Cee, the British rapper responsible for the viral hit “Doja.” Alongside his musical success, his personal life has also been making waves, particularly his relationship with TikTok personality, Madeline Argy, and the rumours surrounding his sexuality. This article offers a detailed investigation into the London-based artist’s relationship, the speculation about his sexual orientation, and the reasons for the couple’s recent separation.

Central Cee, real name Courtney Freckleton, has risen in the music scene with his track “Doja,” which contains a lyric that has generated controversy and confusion among his fans: “How can I be homophobic? My girl is gay.” This ignited rumours about his own sexuality, with fans speculating whether he was confessing to being gay or bisexual, or if he was in a relationship with a gay woman.

During an interview with Genius, the rapper provided some clarity on the subject, explaining that his then-girlfriend was bisexual, hence the lyric. He emphasised his stance against homophobia, stating, “I feel like homophobia is almost embedded into the culture, like rap music, even just the hood. I don’t think it’s right.”

The girlfriend Central Cee referred to is Madeline Argy, a TikTok influencer with a substantial following of over 2 million. Argy had openly confirmed her sexuality in her videos by mentioning her past relationship with a woman.

The pair’s relationship commenced in the middle of 2022, but they remained discreet about it, neither confirming nor denying their relationship status. Nevertheless, fans began to pick up on subtle clues indicating a budding romance, such as the couple wearing the other’s clothing and being seen together in public.

In one instance, Central Cee posted photos of his trip to Morocco, where he was seen wearing a blue hoodie. A few weeks later, Argy was seen in a TikTok video wearing a similar hoodie. Another video showed the rapper leaving a building with a woman closely resembling Argy following him.

The couple eventually became more open about their relationship, sharing images and videos of their shared moments on social media. This included luxurious holidays in LA and Monaco, where they indulged in lavish hotels and yachts.

Despite appearing content in their relationship, Central Cee and Argy recently announced their separation on Instagram. The reasons for this remain vague, with fans speculating factors such as infidelity or scheduling conflicts.

In November 2023, Central Cee shared a photo of him and Argy on his Instagram story, captioned, “Me & @madelineargy are no longer together. We still love each other & wish each other nothing but happiness.” Argy shared the same message on her account and later thanked her followers for their support during a difficult time.

While the couple has remained quiet about the details surrounding their break-up and any resultant rumours, they have both unfollowed each other on Instagram and removed most of the images they shared together. Both parties seem to be moving forward, focusing on their respective careers.

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