Betty Irene Moore Obituary-Death; UC Davis Nursing School Co-Founder Betty Irene Moore Passes Away At 95.

The co-founder and namesake of the UC Davis Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing, Betty Irene Moore, passed away on December 12 at the age of 95. She will be known for her support of nursing, her advocacy for patients and their families, and her innovation in the field of health care improvement. She is recognized for having started a school that revolutionized healthcare.

Gordon, Moore’s 72-year spouse, departed from this life in March. Co-founding the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, they provided $100 million in 2007 to establish the UC Davis nursing program. The charity spearheaded a campaign to empower and equip nurses to enhance patient care via her vision.

Moore’s own experiences as a patient and as a caregiver for others who had been admitted to the hospital served as the basis for this. Having witnessed the vital role that nurses play in providing safe, high-quality healthcare, she decided to enhance it by making investments in the individuals who provide 95% of the care that patients receive.

Leaders reminisced about her love for bettering humankind, her assistance to her spouse throughout his postgraduate studies, and her legacy, which is “best remembered for her contributions to improving patient care,” in a foundation statement.

The foundation selected UC Davis because of their same goal of addressing the country’s health care issues through the integration of several disciplines into higher education for nurses, while utilizing the greatest medical care and scientific techniques. It was one of the biggest grants in the University of California’s history and the greatest charitable gift to UC Davis at the time of its debut. Additionally, it was the biggest charitable donation in the country that benefited nursing education.

“We are grateful that Betty Irene Moore chose UC Davis Health as the place to realize her vision of nurses as leaders in delivering better and safer care to patients and their families,” said UC Davis Health CEO David Lubarsky. “By founding the School of Nursing, she planted the seeds of change here in Sacramento that are now spreading everywhere across the nation – elevating the practice of nursing across the entire profession. Every graduate of the school leaves with the knowledge and desire to be an agent of change for the better.”

Moore sparked a movement around patient safety, high-quality nursing care, and education. It was the catalyst for the Betty Irene Moore Nursing Initiative of the San Francisco-based Foundation. The way the school teaches health sciences, preparing nurses and other professionals to spearhead the changes in healthcare that are required, intensifies it even further.

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